Personal Musings: Will I Always Live in NJ?

Do you ever wish you could just uproot your entire life and move somewhere far, far away? I hear about other people doing this. I read about it. And I am always in such awe! I don’t know if I could ever do that. I love being near my friends and my family. I guess, I’ve just been really lucky that most of them are less than an hour away or work in the city too. Just knowing they’re close is such a source of comfort for me. Almost like a safety net. Moving across the world or even the country would be like jumping off a cliff. But then I think to myself - do I really want to live in New Jersey (specifically my hometown of the last 24 years) FOREVER? I don’t think I do.

I thought I would daydream on the blog and share some of the places I’ve visited and thought to myself - I could see myself living here.


This is a given! I've thought about moving back to New York since the day my family moved us from Queens to NJ. And I honestly always thought I would eventually. Then reality set in and I started thinking about how expensive it would be, the cost of living there and how I didn’t really think it would be worth it. But then I see these cute brownstones and I imagine myself sitting on the steps on a warm summer day. Or hopping on a nearby subway and getting to work in 20 mins instead of riding on a bus for close to an hour.

I went to London with one of my best friends a couple years ago. Because she’s horrible with directions, it was up to me to navigate around the city and figure out their Metro. After a day or two of this and just exploring, I said to her - you know, I could see myself living here. I didn’t expect to say that or feel that way but it was true. There was something familiar about the atmosphere but more cultured. Everything about Europe feels rich in history and art. Even just looking at the architecture as you walk around gives you a sense of it. I’d happily take that over skyscrapers.

I’ve only been to LA but I love it. I mean I don’t love all the driving, the freeways and near-constant traffic. But you know, aside from all that! There’s so much to see and do. Plus it’s warm all year round. Being there this past January in 80 degree weather was all sorts of amazing. It definitely made me question why I lived on the east coast. I’m sure I would feel the same way if I visited other parts of California like San Diego or San Francisco. I could just see myself getting used to their laid-back lifestyle, warm weather and the beach.

So those are the places I've daydreamed about living at! You’re probably surprised I didn’t mention Paris and even though I’ve thought about running away to Paris on more than one occasion, learning French would be really hard. But who knows! Maybe I won’t always be a NJ-NYC kind of gal.

Have you guys ever thought about moving somewhere completely new? And if so, where?

(P.S. I hope you guys liked reading my completely random post!)


  1. I dream about moving away ALL the time. I've heard such wonderful things about Seattle, Washington. And I really want to visit London, or any part of England, really. I've even imagined moving to Canada! I'm just sick of Ohio lol.
    Rosie Reads

  2. Well, I'm very fortunate to be able to have embraced the experience of living somewhere new to me, as you well know (and will see further thoughts on this Friday!). It's not an easy experience, especially when you know next to no one, are not sure how things "work" (even basic things like finding a doctor to trust, filing taxes, commuting, etc). But there's also (potentially) so much to gain - new places to love, new experiences to have, new opportunities to embrace -- and obviously, new friends to make too.

  3. new orleans (pre-hurricane), alaska, hawai'i

  4. I always think about moving to NYC! It seems like such a romantic dream, moving to the big city. But then practicality sets in and I know it's not going to happen for me. I've grown way too accustomed to my life and know where I want to "settle down" so NYC would only be a temporary thing. I feel too old for temporary!

    However... there are lots of other realistic places I've dreamed about moving! Washington state for one. It just seems so beautiful and I have family up there. So while it wouldn't be a permanent move, it would be a good long extended one! I used to dream of moving to Greece and opening a cupcake shop near the coast. I don't care if it's impractical; I'm sure the Greeks love a good cupcake! :) And then there's Wales or Scotland... Okay, I'm really daydreaming now.

  5. I actually don't mind NJ as much because I can easily go to Philly or NYC. Living in London seems like a dream, but I've never been so I'm not sure if I actually like it. California is so nice and the perpetual nice weather feels great to escape to from cold weather. I

  6. I'm the opposite of you haha. I live in Southern California and although I like the warm weather, it would be nice to live in the east coast because I like the cold weather much better. I can just relax and stay cozy in my pj's with a book and hot chocolate....but I'm scared I'll be lazier than ever! Also I'd probably get tired of raking the snow every time it snows.

  7. Spain!!! That's my forever home of the future :-)


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