One year at my apartment

It's been one year since I moved into this apartment. ONE YEAR. A part of me can't believe it but it's true and I've got the renewal lease to prove it. (I already sent it back and said yes I still want to live here!) I originally wasn't going to write about my apartment but I felt inspired to today after having lunch with my parents and grandmother. Usually we go back to my parents' house for lunch after church but I impulsively suggested they come to my place instead. As we sat around eating and talking and watching my parents take in everything (the decor, the books!), I just felt really proud? I'm sure that sounds silly. But I saw this acceptance on their faces which definitely wasn't there when I first announced I was moving out. For the first time, I could see that they knew I was happy living here and how it showed in the effort I put into making this place my own.  Even when my grandmother tried to ask if I get lonely, my mom was quick to correct her and say I'm fine. A year ago, that would not have happened!

I haven't done any apartment projects in a while (because wow, decorating and furniture is expensive!) but I started up again this month and I have a to-do list I'd like to finish by early/mid summer. In honor of my one year anniversary here and said to-do list, I thought I'd share what my home looks like now. It's come a long way since I first moved in! 

I had three things in my living room when I moved in: TV, TV stand and 2 lamps (which I bought that same day). This is my favorite room in the whole apartment so as a result, I'm constantly fussing with it and it's probably the most "done". There's only one last thing I want to add and it's a vertical bookcase (see here!) in the corner. And maybe a plant stand. I'm really into plants right now. (I blame A Beautiful Mess and all the pretty pictures of their house plants.) 

Mini "Office": This is new! Sort of. This whole year my desk has been facing the wall. A blank white wall with my entire living room to my back. I decided this past weekend that I didn't like it anymore. Who knew turning it around so I'd have a little office/book corner would make such a difference! Between that and the art work, I'm happy with how it looks. 

Dining Room / Foyer: My next project. There is so much I want to change here! Mainly the dining set. I bought this from Craigslist a year ago for a decent price and while I do still like it, I also think it's too small. It's definitely not big enough for four people, dinnerware and main dishes. And I'd like to have more little dinner parties in my future! So that has got to go. I also have new prints to hang up which I'm excited about. (My new art is from Minted; I highly recommend checking out their selection!) 

I've been taking my time with my bedroom. I just can't seem to find exactly what I want. Although granted, I'm still not entirely sure what that is. But I figure I'll know when I see it. The only thing I've done is buy new bedsheets whenever I get bored with how this room looks or hang up photos/art. But I finally made some changes recently. New curtains (hah), a mid-century inspired nightstand and I've got a fun lamp coming in the mail any day now. 


So that is the state of my apartment! Hopefully, you guys don't think post was too boring! But I really wanted to share because (1) I'm constantly inspired by the work Young House Love shares on their blog, and (2) one of my favorite things to do over the weekend is just decorate and tackle home projects. 

Do you guys enjoy decorating as much as I do 
or have any fun tips to share? I'd love to hear them!
Or if you just want to say hi and tell me what you think, 
that would be great too :)


  1. I actually really, really enjoy looking at others home decor! I could browse home decor pins on Pinterest alll day. I love your purple rug in your living room, and your mini office is cute! I think that's something I really need to incorporate into my apartment! I also definitely need more bookshelves!

  2. Cute!!! I'm constantly dissatisfied with my house and spend so much time looking at home decor ideas (possibly why I'm dissatisfied). But I love those moments when you have family or friends over and they take in your home and have looks of approval wash over their faces. It does make you proud! I'm happy you've really made your apartment a home and are excited about it!

  3. I love it. Your place seems so warm and inviting.

    Also, lets be real. ALL THE BOOKSHELVES.

  4. I'm so happy that you decided to publish this post as there are few things I enjoy reading about more than other people's home renovations. Like you, I find Young House Love to be a constant source of inspiration, and I think it's fascinating to see what people do with the spaces they've been given.

    On a related note - I think you've done such a wonderful job with your apartment! Everything looks so cozy, comfortable and inviting. I particularly like what you did with the living room, although the 'office' looks wonderful too. You've really utilized your space to best advantage! I would love to read more updates about your apartment and home decor projects in the future :)

  5. your place looks great! love home decor blogs, including young house love. i just looked at the showhouse they finished - wow! this monday we're getting our foyer and upstairs landing painted and i am soo excited, haha.

  6. I loved getting a look into your apartment, R! (And I still think I need to come over and visit so I can see everything for myself. Yes?) I think you did an incredible job putting things together here, with colors and patterns and an aesthetic that just screams YOU.

    I'm looking forward to finally getting my own place with Macky one day and being able to just make it OUR home, something that will be as individual to us as your place is to you. I do think that homes/apartments are always going to be WIPs because as we grow and change, our tastes shift and change. So I definitely think it's okay that you're still trying to figure out what to do with parts of your house!

  7. I love your decor! It's so pretty and I think, so very you! I love looking at interior decor photos, even if I'm not that great with decorating, haha.

    I love how cohesive everything is and how the patterns balance each other out!

  8. I love how everything is simple and the color palette is amazing!


with love,