Hello Dallas!

I went on my first business trip for work and it was surprisingly fun! The entire company had a two day conference in Dallas, where we listened to presentations, had team building exercises and group activities. I was fully prepared to hate it (except for the warm weather - that I was looking forward to!). But it turned out to be a good experience. The presentations were informative and I got to meet so many people. I don't think I ever realized how exhausting it is to sit and listen for hours and then network pretty much all day long. It was a bit out of my comfort zone. I feel like work is constantly pushing me but in a good way. Luckily they kept the conference fun with scavenger hunts, happy hours and golf. And having a super nice hotel helped too. 

So here's what I've learned from my first business trip experience:
  • If you're traveling with a coworker, make sure it's someone you get along with since you'll be hanging out at the airport for hours. 
  • Go out, explore when you can. I went out for dinner, drinks and shopping with my team on the first night. 
  • But there's nothing wrong with taking time for yourself. The next two nights, I would hang out for a bit and then go back to my room. I lounged, read and got a good night's sleep so I wouldn't feel like a zombie since our days were planned from 7:30am-7:30pm (or later). 
Hopefully the next time I'm in Dallas, I'll have more time to explore outside the hotel! 

(1) My cousins dropped me off and picked me up from the airport (Thanks guys!)
(2) I loved the king-sized bed in my hotel room.
(3) Mac & cheese in my burger was kind of amazing. (4) Raspberry mojito. So, so good.
(5) Every morning, I considered staying in bed. What? I'm lazy like that. 
(6) Right outside our hotel. I thought it was a pretty view. 
(7) Top Golf with the company. (8) The company served us breakfast, lunch and dinner on both days. But dinner on our last night with everyone was the best.

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  1. Everything about your trip to Dallas looks AMAZING! I'm so jealous of the prettiness and warm weather, plus the get-together sounded pretty darn fun too. (Take me with you next time!)


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