Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (67)

RACHEL • "Over" by Tove Lo
I think the entire song is pretty catchy but this is the one line I want to sing along with over and over (pun intended!): "Tell me, is this the part when, when we part ways forever. Tell me, is this the part when, part when we are ..." What can I say - I like upbeat sounding songs with deeper/sadder meanings.

CARINA • "The Park" by Feist
I was checking my Spotify account for the first time in ages and came across Rachel's message to me (sent 7 days ago) and what a pleasant surprise! She sent me the Tiger Lily soundtrack created by the author herself, Jodi Lynn Anderson. Of course I had to listen to it right away. Tiger Lily is one of my favorite books and a soundtrack to accompany the book is a MUST listen. I ended up picking "The Park" by Feist as my first listen and so far, its been my only listen. It's a bit sad but I've always had a strong affinity for sad songs.. and parks.

(Note from Rachel: I re-created the author's playlist on Spotify if you want to follow!)

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  1. Lovely choices this week, ladies! I am seriously obsessing over OVER, because it's the kind of sound I'm drawn to lately. But The Park has this melancholy, beautiful sound to it, which I also loved. Definitely checking out more from both artists!

  2. Ahhhh I really really love Over, this is my first time listening to it, but it's totally an April song.

    Speaking of good music, I can't stop listening to Somebody Loves You by Betty Who.


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