Life lately, according to my iPhone

(1-2) A few weeks ago, I saw Sara Bareilles at Radio City Music Hall with one of my best friends. It's the third or fourth time I've seen her live and she seriously never fails to amaze me. I wasn't totally in love with her most recent album but after hearing her sing those songs, I found myself playing it nonstop. 
(3) IHOP breakfast with my cousins & nephews. (4) Soba noodles with cilantro, shrimp and
edamame that I cooked for dinner.
(5-6) My coworkers like to plan these multicultural lunches from time to time and this month they wanted to try Russian food. We went to Mari Vanna and the food was delicious! I got the chicken stroganoff and it was so, so good. Plus the decor was pretty interesting. It reminded me of an old dollhouse.
(7) I hadn't been to Books of Wonder in forever! Estelle and I went to their Fantastic Reads panel with Neal Shusterman (I want to check out his books now), Cristin Terrill, Tamara Ireland Stone, Alexandra Bracken, Kate Brian and Brittany Geragotelis. (8) Allegiant! Review coming very soon.
(9-10) Tida and I had an impromptu dinner at Costanera which is great Peruvian restaurant in Montclair. We split ceviche, arroz con mariscos, fried yuca and dessert. Love this place. 

(11) Fruity pebbles donut I got from Burgers & Cupcakes. If I started every 
morning with one of these, I'd be very happy.  
(In fact, I could use one right now.)

Here's to another week!

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  1. All these food photos are making HUNGRY. Everything you shared always looks so good! We need to go and food trip sometime soon, yes?


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