Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (49)

RACHEL • "Mouth Drum" by French Cassettes
I was on the hunt for new music (which to be honest, is pretty much always) and as soon as I heard this song, it immediately caught my attention. It's catchy and fun and I love the slight old-school feel to it. But it's also really relaxing. At least to me. It's been a long week at work and whenever this came on, I'd feel a little less stressed for a few minutes. Hope you enjoy it!

CARINA • "Diggin' On You" by TLC
Haven't listened to TLC in a while but had this song on repeat for most of the week. One of my faves. Fun song to sing along to.. when I'm in my car.. alone.. driving home.. and no one can hear me. Enjoy the throwback!

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  1. Mouth Drum is such a relaxing song! Played it in the middle of writing reviews just now, and it really was a good backdrop for that. Thanks for sharing!


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