My Best Friend's Wedding

It's crazy how months and months of insane planning culminates in a single day that just.. completely flies by. One of my best friends got married last weekend and the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. The heartfelt vows, the music which was so them (a bunch of the songs happened to be some of my favorites!), watching someone very dear to you start a new chapter in their life, dancing all night long and being among friends. It all kind of passed by in a blur (albeit a very fun blur!). The whole weekend made me think about friendship, what it means to the the Maid of Honor / best friend and the future in general. Seeing one of "us" getting married for the first time almost feels like a change for all of us. We're growing up and changing. Hopefully we'll always get to grow up and change together. But enough of the sappy talk! 

Here are some pictures from the wedding: 

(1) Carina writing her vows  (2) The bride's pretty shoes
(3) Me after getting my hair and make up done (4) With Loren and Lydia! One
of the best parts of that weekend hanging out with them the entire time.
(5) The beautiful bride (6) Me and Carina. I helped her get dressed, bustled, 
helped her with the garter, carried her bags/flowers. Being a MOH is hard work ;) 
(7) Centerpieces. The blue bottles + pink flowers looked so pretty together. (8) With the newlyweds.
(9) Shots with Lydia & John  (10) Katie, Lydia, me, Loren - it was so nice being all together again. 

Congratulations Carina & John! 


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  2. It was such a fabulous wedding and I loved spending time with you and Loren. I've missed you guys and we all definitely need to get together more often! You were a fabulous maid of honor and Carina is luck to have you as a best friend! Love you, woman!

  3. This is such a wonderful post! It looked like such a happy occasion. You looked absolutely GORGEOUS <3 Congratulations to Carina! :)


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