Before Midnight

You know how some movies you can just watch over and over again and still laugh at the same moments or be moved by the same scenes? Even if you've seen it a million times. That's how I feel about Before Sunset. It just speaks to me in a way that no other movie has ever done. I love the idea of these two old souls who have this inexplicable connection they can't seem to shake. And for a solid hour and a half, we get a voyeuristic look into their lives. It's normal conversation about the mundane things in life, marveling about how fast time has gone, dreams, lost moments. So much of what they say resonates with me, even though I don't have half the life experience they do. It's beautiful and whenever I'm feeling sad or down, it's one of the first movies I think to pop in. I think it's because it ends on the most perfect, hopeful, will-they/won't-they note. And when Celine turns to Jessie and says, "Baby, you are going to miss than plane.." and the screen fades to black - I knew he wouldn't miss a chance with her for the second time.

But that's the second movie. The first movie is Before Sunrise and it is absolutely romantic and idealistic. And I love it too, although not in the same way. I guess I prefer the cynicism. So when I sat down last night to watch the third movie, Before Midnight, I wasn't sure what to expect. I purposely stayed away from reviews, even though I did allow myself to watch the trailer. I think I was afraid it would ruin the magic of the second movie to see Celine and Jessie another nine years older and with kids. What if they were unhappy? What if they got divorced? Obviously I can't tell you what happens but it was the perfect follow-up. It definitely has a sadder and older tone but it's so real and raw. It's filled with long conversations between them and some moments felt so private that I was tempted to put it on mute at times. Like I was intruding somehow.

And I guess that's why I'm sitting here writing about it. These movies always make me think. About life, love and what I want. About feeling the same frustrations as Celine when she's painted as the irrational one whereas Jesse asserts how clear-headed he is in comparison (don't you just hate that?). About whether or not this idea of "soulmates" and a deep connection can really exist and last your whole life. Anyway, I'm just rambling now. I'm going to end with one of my favorite clips and I hope anyone who reads this decides to check out the movie: 

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  1. I'm in love with this post, and I hope you know that. I've never watched the movies before (and I'm ashamed to admit that), but I think I must watch them now! You clearly have a spot in your heart for them, and that makes me even more eager since I know we have similar tastes :)


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