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Anatomy of a Single Girl (Anatomy, #2) by Daria Snadowsky
Publication date: January 8, 2013
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Category: Young Adult - Contemporary
Source: Received from author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

Summary: After everything that happened—my first boyfriend, my first time, my first breakup—jumping back into the dating game seemed like the least healthy thing I could do. As a busy college premed still raw from heartbreak, I figured I’d lie low for a while. Of course, as soon as I stopped looking for someone, an impossibly amazing and cute guy came along, and I learned that having a new boyfriend is the quickest way to recover from losing your old one. The moment we got together, all my preconceptions about romance and sex were turned upside down. I discovered physical and emotional firsts I never knew existed. I learned to let go of my past by living in the present. It was thrilling. It was hot. It was just what the doctor ordered. But I couldn’t avoid my future forever. (Adapted
My thoughts…
The good: Anatomy of a Single Girl is the companion novel to Anatomy of a Boyfriend and if I thought the first book was candid, well let me tell you -- this one was even more so. Although in a different way. Whereas the previous story dealt with a lot of firsts, this was more about Dom growing up, feeling less restricted by how she thought she should act in a relationship and exploring her sexuality.

It's obvious that Dom has done some growing up during her freshmen year of college, but like any other girl her age - she's still got a lot more to do. Her first heartbreak still haunts her (goodness knows how long it took me to shake my ex and we didn't even date for that long!) and I admired her determination to move forward even when she took a few minor steps back from time to time. But now she's home for the summer, ready to spend her days with her best friend Amy and interning at the local hospital. And then, she meets Guy and embarks on a relationship with him that's completely different from her previous experience.

It was a fine line between lust and love but the chemistry between Dom and Guy was definitely there. I loved how they met, their instant attraction and connection. Finally, some long conversations! (Her ex was not much of a conversationalist.) I really appreciated Dom's thoughts on how quickly things should get physical or if she was even ready for that. But most of all, I liked that she decided to let go of her past insecurities and thoughts on relationships. Instead of being agreeable for the sake of making things easier, she voiced any and all concerns regardless of the friction it caused. She took risks, attempted to worry less and let herself live in the present. Also, Guy was just a good match for her. He was very straightforward about what he wanted but at the same time, you could tell he cared about her. He wanted her to be happy and enjoy whatever they were doing as much as he did. Yet another quality I felt was sorely lacking in her ex.

But it's not just about Dom's relationship. Everything around her is changing too. Her relationship with her parents and living under their roof again after being away at school (another feeling I understood well). Plus the changes with her best friend Amy made me think of that quote about growing up without growing apart. It's hard to do that and I like how realistically the changes in their friendship were handled throughout the course of the book.

(Potential) reservations: Again, this book is not for those who feel squeamish about body parts and reading about sex. I don't think this is a spoiler but the author goes into an in-depth description of Dom's ob-gyn appointment. And wow. I really admire Snadowky's ability to tackle subjects typically not portrayed in books and to approach them so honestly. I feel like every girl should read these books at some point.

Do I recommend?: I do! I wish I could've read this book (and the previous one) when I was Dom's age. It's rare to find contemporary YA written so realistically while still being hilarious and heartwarming. You want to root for Dom and she's easy to relate to. I definitely recommend.

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  1. Agreed! I really appreciate how realistic the books are. They're funny because Dom's got a great personality and she puts herself in some pretty wacky situations that make the reader laugh, but there are TONS of realistic & serious situations as well that make you feel like Dom's your best friend and you're talking to her about her life.
    So glad you enjoyed these books! I really did too :)

  2. I'm reading the first book right now and I really like Dom's personality... but some things are a little TMI for me. It's definitely not for people that don't want to hear all the details!

  3. It's really Snadowsky's ability to blend honesty + snark + humor into a story that captured me. I was easily sucked into this one, even though there were parts that had me blushing and afraid that people on the subway would see what the pages said! It's such a great book because Dom growing up and learning new things seems real and not forced at all.


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