It's the little things...

my apartment!

Sometimes when you're having a rough week, you just have to focus on the little things that make you happy. I used to post these random lists of what's been keeping me sane (or busy) and I kinda wanted to do that again today.

  • Walking into my apartment after a long day at work and seeing how clean it is. When my personal space is a mess, I feel like a mess. Also - isn't my chevron chair cute?
  • The Something Strange and Deadly Celebration with Alexa. It's fun to come up with other ways to show much you love a book (aside from the usual reviews). Plus I don't think I'll ever get tired of getting (re)tweets from authors, especially ones that I adore like Susan Dennard. 
  • Dinners with friends. Even when I'm tired and a bit cranky, a good conversation + lots of laughs are the surest way to cure my mood. 
  • Cooking! I know, who would've guessed after needing lessons from my cousin when I first moved out and a couple disastrous meals. But I'm much, much better now! I made this black bean, corn, and edamame salad with cilantro and lime dressing last night that I loved. 
  • Pedicures with one of my best friends. I used to be that girl who got pedicures every couple of weeks. But this summer? I only went once and it was this past weekend. I forgot how nice it is to be pampered. 
  • Staying in and watching a movie (or two or three). I've been out almost every single weekend for the last couple of months and this weekend I got to spend hours of my day sitting on my couch watching TV or watching a movie in bed. WHY DON'T I DO THIS MORE OFTEN? 
  • Celebrated my mom's birthday. When I think of summer, I think of birthdays cause half the people in my family were born in June-August (myself included). 

Anyway, new Monday, new week. Keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be a good one. 
What little things have made you happy lately? 


  1. Aw, love this post! I think sometimes it's easy to forget the small things that really make you happy, so when you give yourself the chance to be reminded of them, they are THE BEST! Also, LOVE your chevron chair; so cute! :)

  2. the apt looks great! totally agree with walking into a clean and tidy home after a day of work, or heck, all the time!

  3. This post is all sorts of adorable! I loved being able to team up with you to celebrate Susan Dennard and her fab series, and cannot wait until our next blog project is in the works again. (Also, that chevron chair is indeed adorable.)


with love,