Bookbags (4): Summer Reads!

Monthly feature where I pair books with bags or share what's in a bag (mine or otherwise!) est. 4/2013.

Summer is my favorite time of the year (even with the 90 degree weather!) and I thought this month would be the perfect time to choose books that take place during summer. 

I can't tell you enough how much I loved this book. It's a little heavier than your typical summer read but it's beautifully written and if you're in the mood for some swooning, you'll want to read all about Emilio Vargas. When looking for a bag to match, I went straight to the Rebecca Minkoff site and she had quite a few purple bags to choose from. I thought this matched best and would be something I'd want to buy myself. 

I have to admit, even though I've always been hesitant about cruises (because I can't swim), the idea of being out at sea and underneath the stars every night sounds so wonderful too. Unbreak My Heart captures the beauty of that. I've always loved this cover - the pink! the heart! - and I thought this bag was a pretty awesome match. 

It's impossible to read Nantucket Blue and not want to go there yourself or find the nearest beach. I knew I had to include this book in my feature and when I saw this bag on Ruche, I seriously wanted to get up and do a little dance. The blue/grey zigzags on the bag match the ocean on the cover and the beige matches the sand. Love. it. 

Have you guys read all these books?
And which bags are your favorites?


  1. Aaaaaaaa, I just really love this feature of yours! Those covers are great and so are the bags you chose! <3

  2. I haven't read any of the books but they all seem perfect for summer! I love the Aspen bag you chose! So cute! :)

  3. I wish 3 was not affordable. Please do only over the top bags next time so I can't even think they are in the realm of possibility ;)

    First one matches so perfectly. Love that shade of purple.

  4. I LOVE number 3. It's so cute, plus it makes me want to get to the closest beach asap! I haven't read any of these books yet, but I own 2 of the 3, so hopefully I will get around to them before summer is over. This is a fun feature!

  5. love the aspen bag. tempted. very tempted.

  6. I've read both Nantucket Blue and Unbreak My Heart and ADORED both of them so I'm really happy you chose them. My favorite bag would definitely be number three. I like bags that aren't overly bright or colorful because it's easier to match them with different outfits. I also like bigger bags because I carry around A LOT with me. I do love number 1, though.

  7. I am sorely, sorely tempted to buy the bag that you matched up with Nantucket Blue! It's so very pretty, and so totally me. But all these pairings are pretty great, honestly.


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