Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (30)

RACHEL • "Diane Young" by Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend is one of my favorite bands and I've been in love with their music from the moment I heard A-Punk. I've been waiting for them to come out with a new album and they finally released two singles last week. Their new songs did not disappoint! (Unlike some other bands.. The Strokes, I'm looking at you.) I think what I love most about their band is that they take chances with their music but at the same time, they're still them. I'd recognize their sound anywhere (at least I'd like to think so). Here's their latest song, "Diane Young" :)

CARINA • "Here's Looking at You, Kid" by the Gaslight Anthem
I had a conversation with a friend a few months ago about past relationships. I didn't have much to contribute because I've only been in one my entire life. But since that conversation, I couldn't help but wonder about the moments that lead up to the end of a relationship and how the person who gets their heart broken moves on. My cousin, Ryan, was over this past weekend and in true-Ryan-fashion, he found a guitar and started singing my song pick for this week. This song reminded me of my past conversation with my friend and how a person who gets their heart broken hopefully deals and moves on.. to find the love of their life. I love this one comment a fan made about how this song is basically "a fuck-you song [to all the girls who broke the lead singer's heart] without any anger" and the line "here's looking at you, kid" is the lead singer's way of saying, "so long to all the people who broke his heart and that he doesn't need to be reminded of them anymore."

And to my friend - I wish you a million happiness with the one you love.

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