Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (25)

RACHEL • "Where the Kids Are" by Blondfire
I have to give my coworker credit for sending me this song (except he doesn't read my blog so he has no idea). He emailed me the video to "Where the Kids Are" over the weekend and I liked it immediately but for whatever reason, it didn't stick. I didn't even bother adding it to my playlist. Then he sent me an acoustic version (listen here) yesterday and I've been listening to the (original) song nonstop ever since. There's this one line that really stuck out to me: "Live it up, you're growing up, parties in the wilderness of life." Feels pretty fitting right now.

CARINA • "California" by Delta Spirit
I came across this band after watching "Warm Bodies" and I'm sorry, I have to go off on a slight tangent because I can't mention that movie without mentioning how much I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. A LOT. The added bonus was its awesome soundtrack. I loved all the songs and may have let out a teeny, bitty shriek when Bon Iver's Hinnom, TX played. PERFECT song choice for that particular scene. Ok, now that I've had my moment (thanks, reader, for letting me have it), let's go back to my song choice for this week. It's not from the movie but I found it while listening to their album and I couldn't stop listening to it ever since. I like how it sounds upbeat but when you listen to the lyrics, they're kind of sad. Slightly emo. I know. But I connected to it..

My favorite lyrics from the song:
I want you to wander silent past my outstretched arms // I want you to hide yourself from all I see // And though my heart will fight until its dying breath // You're not for me..

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  1. oh yes, I love Blondfire! I remember when they used to be Astaire, their acoustic versions are goooorgeous.

  2. Ooh, I like the California song! It's so catchy and so chill at the same time :)


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