Life lately, according to my iPhone

(1&2) It's been a couple weeks since I went to Dos Caminos with Estelle and Alexa but I am still thinking about their margaritas and food. I'm thinking we'll have to good back again soon.

(3) Pancakes I made on a Saturday morning. (4) This was just a happy coincidence but these 3 books I ordered arrived on Valentine's Day. And I have to be honest - waaaay better than flowers ;)

(5) I saw a recipe on Brown Eyed Baker for a red velvet poke cake and I had to try it. I'd never heard of poke cakes before and thought it would be fun to make. Which it was. The recipe is easy to follow but instead of using her cupcake recipe, I used my usual one. It turned out great!
(6) Bonding with my dad's side of the fam - that's my cousin and our niece. 


  1. Oh my gosh that red velvet looks DELICIOUS. OMG I am so hungry for cake right now.

    OOOO Dos Caminos! I have been there, like years ago during my first BEA, I went to a 30 blogger dinner and lol our bill was over $1,000 dollars and I remember my eyes popping out over that.

  2. The pancakes looks so good but that red velvet looks positively scrumptious.

    Also, books on V day is so much better than flowers. Yay.

    Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile

  3. You are making me want their guacamole now. We'll definitely have to go back sometime :)

    And I want some of your red velvet poke cake!


with love,