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We're doing something different this week! Instead of choosing known bands and singers, we decided to choose music a little closer to home. Literally. My cousins have a band, Carina's brother and cousin jam together all the time. So when she suggested that we feature our family this week, I thought it was an awesome idea. We're calling this week's playlist...

Ode To Our Family
[inspired by The Cranberries]

RACHEL • "All Alone" by Disposable
Music pretty much runs in my family. Everyone (from my grandmother to my 6 year old nephew) can either sing and/or play an instrument (myself included except I'm nowhere near as talented). But my two youngest cousins are the first ones from my generation to really do their own thing. They've been playing since they were kids but last year, they and their friend decided to form a band - Disposable. They write their own songs, started playing at a bunch of shows and even recorded a demo EP. They're slowly building a name for themselves locally and I'm so proud of them. And next month, they're going to open up for Fishbone! I'm not too familiar with their music but they're a pretty big band whose sound is a fusion of ska, punk, rock and soul. Anyway, I've posted one of my cousins' songs before (Busy, Busy, Busy) so I wanted to share my other favorite today - All Alone.

If you're interested in hearing more of their songs or want to check out a show, here's their: Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

CARINA • cover of "Wasting Time" by Blink-182
Music has always been a huge part of my life. I think it all started with my grandfather and his love for Ray Charles, my grandmother singing old Filipino songs as she cooked, my father blasting CCR, Queen, The Eagles, etc. during the weekends to wake my brothers and I up and my mom succumbing to my insistent requests for piano lessons. Growing up, I wondered whether I had some suppressed inner musical talent waiting to be let out. I was telling a friend before that if only I got my hands on that one particular musical instrument (still haven't found out which one), my talent would finally, FINALLY be revealed. I'm still waiting and partly being sarcastic, by the way. Anyways, (going off tangent, sorry) even though I have zero musical talent, I am very fortunate to be surrounded by a family full of talented musicians. My brothers and cousins used to have their own band but as usual, life got in the way. Lately, it has become tradition that every time we meet up, a jam session between my brother and cousin ensues - one of the many things I look forward to during my family gatherings. Below is a video recorded by my fiance, John of my brother Theo (on the piano) and my cousin Ryan (on the guitar) playing one of my favorite Blink182 songs - "Wasting Time". Enjoy!

Link to video (I wanted to embed the video but I was having issues, sorry guys!)

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  1. Disposable sounds a little like a cross between Green Day and Fall Out Boy - interesting mix for sure!


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