Life lately, according to my iPhone

(1) With high school buddies Shirley and Jackie for Susan's baby shower 
(2) Annual holiday party with the roomies

(3) Books I won from the YA for NJ auction to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims.  
(4) Holiday work party 

(5) & (6) Hello Kitty Art exhibit in Soho, with Loren.

(7) & (8) More from the exhibit. Super Kitty was one of my favorite pieces. 

(9) Stopped by Papabubble and watched them make candy for a lil bit. I bought a jar of mango candies that I can't stop eating. 
(10) Northern Lights sushi roll from Koi Restaurant. Best sushi I've ever had. 

(11) More of our dinner at Koi. Seriously this is like my favorite restaurant now.
(12) Tree at Bryant Park. 

(13) With my cousins and Carina at Kai's birthday party this past Saturday. 
(14) The birthday girl and her cake. 

It's been a busy rollercoaster of a week but starting tomorrow, I will be on vacation until the new year and I plan to make the most of it. I want to hang out friends and my cousins, go to the movies, read lots of books, bake and much more. So if you're around, let me know :) 

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  1. So much fun!!! And I spent so much money in Bryant Park! I'm still thinking about that meal at Koi! Let's go back!


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