Happy Holidays!

Between the annual holiday dinner with the girls and Christmas with my family (and being on vacation), the last few days have been wonderful.  The girls and I went to Bacari Grill for dinner. We sat around catching up, eating and exchanging presents. It seems like our lives are busier than ever and it was nice to just be together, even for a couple hours. Then yesterday the family all went to my aunt's house to celebrate Christmas. We had lots of good food, played games, did our Secret Santa exchange and took a ton of pictures. I think I spent the entire time laughing. I'm kinda sad it's over already.  

sushi // mushroom tortelli

white chocolate pistachio crunch // Carina, Loren & I

presents from the girls // waiting for the family to arrive, camera ready

love this photo of the girls // cute candid shot

Kuya Beau opening up my present // Benaiah showing off his new toys 

all the cousins + Kai Kai // with Ate Jannique & Ate Jackie

some of my presents // all the pictures I took with my Fujifilm instax

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!


  1. Yay for the instax! We are twins now and I can't wait to use it. Looks like you had a wonderful few days. :) I'm glad you still have more time to enjoy. xo

  2. I want an Instax! Looks like your holiday celebrations are going AMAZING. I hope that you continue having fun during your break! <3


with love,