Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (11)

RACHEL • "Cups" covered by Anna Kendrick (originally by: Lulu & the Lampshades)
I watched Pitch Perfect last weekend (which was a cute, fun movie!) and my favorite parts were definitely the performances.  All their covers were SO catchy but the one that stood out the most to me was Anna Kendrick's cover of Cups by Lulu & the Lampshades.  She's auditioning for the a capella group and sits in the middle of the stage and just starts singing with a red plastic cup for accompaniment.  She makes the song a little slower than the original; it almost feels like an acoustic version since she's singing alone.  And there's something that's both innocent and lonely and filled with this yearning that someone is out there missing you.  It really struck a chord with me.  Of all the songs I've been listening to from the soundtrack, this has been on repeat the most.

CARINA • "The Way It Was" by The Killers
A friend recommended the new Killers album to me and this was one of the songs I immediately put on repeat. He mentioned the 80s vibe he got from the album and this song definitely holds true to that. The start of the song reminded me of "If You Leave" by OMD (check out the video on YouTube - those 80s artists sure know how to make a music video!)

This song puts me in a nostalgic mood & I will definitely be playing it on my drive back home this evening. Can't wait to see family & friends this weekend especially after the events of this past week. Hope you enjoy the song & have a safe weekend!

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  1. My friends and I were able to see a pre-screening of Pitch Perfect and we liked the movie so much we had to go watch it again when it came out! I am such a huge fan of how they re-created the songs for that movie and the cup song was definitely one of my favorite parts (aside from the very last performance, LOVED that one too!) And much definitely checking out the latest album by The Killers. You had me at 80's vibe!

  2. I loved Pitch Perfect. I listen to the songs at least once a day. They are so addicting. I love all their intricacies. Cups was always definitely one of my favorites. Anna Kendrick is a great singer, and I love her as an actress too!

  3. I loved the Cups song! I think Anna Kendrick's voice is absolutely lovely, and it's very catchy too!


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