Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (9)

RACHEL • "I Got" by Young the Giant
Young the Giant has been one of my favorite bands since two summers ago.  I heard "My Body" first and liked it (a lot!) but it was when I heard this song that I fell in love.  It was a combination of their sound, the catchy beat, his voice and the way he sang the chorus.  Something about it just hooked me.  And even though I've probably played each song on the album on repeat at some point, I always come back to this one.  I guess it's because whenever I listen to it, it never fails to make my mood a little brighter.  And since, I've been listening to them over the last few days, I figured this was the perfect time to add them to the playlist.

CARINA • "Dawn" by Portugal. The Man
I had the opportunity to see Portugal. The Man three times and they are amazing live. My song pick for this week is the first song that got me hooked. It is just a great song to blast out loud whenever I feel the need to say F THE MAN (in song form). It is about choosing to live your life in two ways - either taking the path of least resistance or following your dreams and doing what you love - "Wake up, Oh that sunshine is shining in. Let's go. I don't care who knows it."

The political connotations found in the lyrics are also very fitting for this upcoming election. Listen and let us know what you think!

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  1. Ohh! I love Young The Giant too although I am a bit partial to Cough Syrup since it was the first song I ever listened to by them (the first song almost ALWAYS ends up being my favorite song by a band!) And this is my first time hearing of Portugal. The Man but I am most certainly a fan already!

  2. I love Cough Syrup, like Katelyn, and that's my favorite song from Young the Giant. I haven't listened to them intensively, but you can be sure I'm remedying that!


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