Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (8)

RACHEL • "5 Years Time" by Noah and the Whale
I've secretly wished that I could play the ukulele ever since I watched my younger cousin play it for the first time.  It just looked like so much fun and I loved how tiny it was. I mean, I love the piano too (which is what I play) but it's not exactly the most portable instrument.  One day after church, we were hanging out at my house and my cousin was messing around on the ukulele he bought our grandmother (yes, she plays too!) and I asked him to teach me some chords.  He ended up showing me all the major ones.  Which was easy to memorize and not-so-easy to play (I'm a lefty trying to play a righty uke!). But then he played this song for me and I remember thinking, I have to play this song one day.  I kind of surprised them and myself by practicing and memorizing the chords he taught me.  I still suck and I can only half-play a couple songs but whenever I imagine myself as a ukulele rockstar, this is the song I'm playing.  One day, I swear it's gonna happen!

CARINA • "Little Waltz" by Basia Bulat
I had this song on repeat some time ago and somehow it kind of got lost in my long list of most listened to songs. I forgot how I came across Basia but as soon as I heard this song, I couldn't stop listening. I was immediately hooked by her raw and honest sound and the simplicity of her lyrics and melody. I love the story behind the song but my favorite part is when the strings come to play and she sings, "and you pull at the strings, but they're broken it seems.. the dance isn't over for me".

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  1. I have literally no musical talent AT ALL but oh how I wish I could play the ukelele too (and the piano, violin, and guitar)! I am loving the Noah and the Whale song. And Basia has such a beautiful, raspy voice!

    1. I wish I could play the guitar too! But I think that's even harder than the ukulele! I'm glad you like the song :)


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