Latest Read: The Lost Prince

Here are the basics ...
Book: The Lost Prince (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten #1)
Author: Julie Kagawa
Category: Young Adult - Fantasy/Paranormal

Summary: Never let Them know you can see Them -- that is Ethan Chase's unbreakable rule. Until the fey he avoids at all costs begin to disappear and Ethan is attacked. Now he must change the rules to protect his family and to save a girl he never thought he'd dare to fall for. Ethan thought he had protected himself from his older sister's world of the Fey. His previous time in the Iron Realm left him with nothing but fear and disgust for the world Meghan has made her home, a land of myth and talking cats, of magic and seductive enemies. But when destiny comes for Ethan, there is no escape from a danger long, long forgotten. (Adapted

[Note: ARC c/o of Harlequin Teen via NetGalley. Thank you for letting me read the book in advance! To readers, it's available as of today so definitely check it out!]
My thoughts…
The good: Julie Kagawa can do no wrong.  After I read The Iron Knight, it seemed like that would be the end of Meghan, Ash and Puck's adventures in the Nevernever. But the author found a way to continue their story while adding a fresh new perspective.. Ethan's. And wow, has Meghan's little brother grown up! I have to admit, I didn't give much thought to the aftermath of Ethan's abduction in the first series. I assumed his memories would've faded over time and he'd forget all about the Fey.  But this was most definitely not the case.  Instead he's turned into this broody, Fey-hating boy who spends every moment protecting himself through wards and spells because he can still see Them. He can still see the Fey and vice-versa, which has made his life both difficult and lonely.  That is, until he starts attending a new school and two people come crashing into life against his best effort to keep them away. There's Todd, a half-phouka kid from his school that needs his help and Kenzie, an extremely curious but kind girl that won't stop trying to be his friend. Of course, it's once he meets these two that the story really takes off and Ethan can no longer ignore his connection to the Fey or his sister Meghan.

Two major stories are going on simultaneously and both were handled extremely well.  On one hand, a new danger has come to attack the Fey and it tied in to what we've learned in previous books.  On the other, is Ethan's faery family (namely Meghan) and how he hasn't come to terms with what happened to him in the past. All this time, I was so focused Meghan and Ash getting their happy ending (and okay, I still totally love that) but I never considered how in the process, Ethan lost his sister to the Iron Kingdom. The author does an amazing job of intertwining the action-filled physical journey he goes through with his deeper, more emotional one. Since this is the first book, both journeys are far from resolved by the end but it's definitely off to an awesome start.

Other things I loved: a pretty swoon-worthy romance plus the return of Grimalkin (!), Meghan, Ash and Puck (although nearly not enough), and some crazy family drama (let's just say that Ethan has a partner-in-crime throughout this adventure and it's someone he wasn't expecting at all).

(No) reservations:  Honestly, no complaints here. But I did expect Ethan to spend more time with Meghan and Ash so I was slightly disappointed that they didn't. Especially with all the tension between them.  But I have feeling we're going to get a lot of that and more in the next book.

Do I recommend?: Yes, yes, yes! I'm always telling everyone to read The Iron Fey series, so if you haven't you should start.  And if you're already a fan, I can promise that you'll be extremely happy with this spinoff series.  

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  1. Fantastic review! Haven't gotten around to reading this yet... but I really should get off my butt and do it! LOL

    1. Thank you! :) I definitely recommend reading it!


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