Congrats RJ and Angela!

Congratulations RJ and Angela! 
(not that they read my blog, but that's okay!)

My cousin RJ got married over the weekend and it still feels so surreal to me. We're only 21 days apart and spent most our childhood growing up together. I have so many memories of us playing video games, playing hide and seek, telling ghost stories in the basement, baking, renting movies, going to our first Incubus concert. Now here we are at 29.  He got married and I stood as a bridesmaid at his wedding.  Wow.

Like I said, surreal (and yet another reminder that we're all growing up!). 

Unfortunately,  I was separated from my phone for most of the day (I knew I should've gotten a dress with pockets!) but here are some of the pictures I was able to take from this weekend's wedding extravaganza: 

(1) The adults getting ready to go to the wedding rehearsal. My aunt and uncle flew in California and they're staying with us so it's a full house.  (2) Before setting up for the rehearsal, we made a quick cupcake run and this is the delicious banana guava cupcake I got. 

(3) Us at Ava's Cupcake Shoppe - apparently they've won Cupcake Wars! (4) Pretty view of White Meadow Lake, where the wedding ceremony and reception was held. 

(5)  Five (of the eleven) groomsmen chilling outside on the big day. (6) The bride getting ready. 

(7)  I loved the color of my dress! Although sitting down was interesting, I basically had to collapse onto my chair lol. (8) View of the reception & dance floor. The DJ was awesome! 

(9) Mother & son dancing to There Are Places I'll Remember by the Beatles (and sung by his older brother).  (10) Me and the parents. Mommy looked pretty & Daddy was excited to see that his tie matched my dress :)

(11)  I love this picture of me & Carina! Even though I'm not looking at the camera. (12)  Us with Auntie Helen. We must've taken like five of these. 

(13) My cousin John & his girlfriend Carina. Hmm.. maybe they'll be next?! (14) My crazy cousins being silly. 

Then.. they had a photobooth! That was one of my favorite things at the reception: 

More pictures to come :) 


  1. Love the pics from the wedding! You look beautiful!!

  2. These pictures are super awesome! I love the color as well ;)


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