wine + shopping getaway

This past Saturday Carina and I went to Shecky's wine and shopping getaway in Southampton.  We started off in Soho, visited two different vineyards and then ended the trip with a little bit of shopping.  Of course it was like 100 degrees outside.. but we had a lot of fun!  

(1) This was the only semi-good picture we took that day.   (2)  First glass of wine! Followed by a few more :)  

(3)  Duck Walk Vineyard - the second one we visited and my favorite.  (4)  Sidewalk art in New York that I couldn't help but take a picture of. 

(5)  When we got back to the city, we went to Cafe Bari for dinner.  (6)  Picture of the Shecky's goodie bag that we received! For some reason, I got a book in mine haha.  I didn't buy much from the actual shopping event but we did both get necklaces from One Life Jewelry.  Definitely check it out!

This was my first time going to vineyards and really trying wine and I have to say, I enjoyed it a lot! I'm seeing more trips like this in the future!


  1. i had so much fun! Def have to do this again!! & we should try your wine when we have our dinner - which we need to plan soon ;)

  2. haha.. of course you'd get a book in your bag! I want to go! Next time, when I don't have class on a saturday! :) You can have my share of the wine :P How's the "Quick Curls" stuff?

  3. The Duck Walk Vineyard is my grandparents’ favorite wine brand, Rachel. :) As a wine connoisseur, one of the major reasons why this brand is popular is because of its recognizable label, not to mention, their chardonnay. It has a wonderful taste that makes you want to buy more.


with love,