the perfect beach day

Yesterday was pretty much the perfect summer day.  Carina, Loren and I got to Long Branch around 11:30am and basically laid out on the sand all day long.  Lots of sunbathing (and some sun-burning as well), cooling off in the water, reading, talking, having lunch on the beach.  I felt so relaxed.  There were definitely a couple moments where I almost fell asleep just listening to the sound of the waves.  Then the place we went to was also surrounded by shops and restaurants.  So finally around 5:30, we got off the beach and started to explore and have dinner (this restaurant called Shaka - great food!).  I seriously can't wait to plan another day like this one :)


  1. Soo.. How 'bout today? I can be ready in 10 min. I'll pick u girls up from work. F THE MAN.

    1. Hahaha! I wish I could stand up and say that right now.. F THE MAN! Being in the office is putting a damper on my good mood from yesterday. Let's plan our next beach day!

  2. I WANT TO GO BACK!!!! LIKE NOW!!!! haha... i am totally willing to do that again!


with love,