happy birthday to me

Here's how I spent my birthday.. according to my iPhone pictures! 

Macaroons & gelato from coworkers. 

Dinner @ Marseille with theedorks. The food was delicious! 

Watched Once, the musical which was AMAZING! This is one of my favorite movies so I was definitely worried as to how they were going to adapt it.  But it was beautifully done.  The singing was amazing and "girl" cracked me up (I loved that they made her character so funny).

Yes, we got our playbills signed! 

Here are the two leads, Cristin Milioti and Steve Kazee. 

Then the next day, Ate Jannique and Ate Myleen treated me to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack, froyo at Cups and we got pedicures for my birthday.  It's been too long since the three of us have had a girls' day out.

Thanks to everyone that made getting older a little more bearable ;) 

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  1. after the 2hr bus ride into the city, so glad that dinner was good and once was amazing! i have to admit that i was afraid that it would be super mushy, but the girl was hilarious! i love the show version of falling slowly. oh! i'm wearing the tshirt today. love that carina cut off my arm when we took the pic in front of the poster (seriously!) :P i have to send out pics that i took too.


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