Summer Vacation Throwback

I'm a day late but.. happy first day of summer! I didn't even realize since I was so focused on it being 94 degrees outside (and 97 today!) and all. 

I do love summer though.  Even though the humidity wreaks havoc on my hair and my family thinks I'm crazy for not wanting an A/C in my room.. I totally love summer.  Blue skies, sun shining, heat and vacations! I always associate this season with jetting someplace far (or even close by) and remembering that it was the official first day of summer made me think of where I've been to. 

My first post-college vacation with the girls (actually most of my vacations are with them).
We drove (I love a good road trip) to Myrtle Beach and just had an amazing time.  

Still @ Myrtle Beach 

Weekend getaway to Cape May, NJ for my birthday. It was surprisingly nice there
and our hotel was right across from the beach which we loved.

Ocean City / Baltimore, Maryland! Our last vacation with all four of us which was a few years ago.  It's been hard to coordinate our different schedules since then but we might be in luck, we're trying to plan a trip this September! 

Baltimore, MD - At the Aquarium

Ocean City, MD - Seacrets Restaurant

Naples, FL - Definitely one of my favorites, if not my most relaxing vacation.  We had a condo all to ourselves, cooked breakfast together every morning, went to the beach and just chilled.  I wouldn't mind going back.

My one recent attempt at a family vacation - a couple days spent in Atlantic City.  Let me tell you.. disaster! But I blame it on the adults in our family.  Lesson learned though.  Us cousins (and only the cousins + our two nephews) have a trip planned next month.

Just looking at this photos makes me wish I could go on vacation right this second.  I'm pretty sure I'll be dreaming of the beach all day long. 

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  1. you forgot that we drove INTO a hurricane - ok a tropical storm for myrtle beach, when most people drive AWAY from them... the weather hates us. :P can't wait till the DR!


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