my crazy birthday wishlist

With my birthday coming up on Friday, I thought it would be fun to put together a crazy wishlist of things I want (and obviously do not expect to get!).

1.  Between my iPhone and my Fujifilm Instax, I technically don't need this but I can't help but want this polaroid digital camera   ||   2. Bright pink Prada document holder that I would use as a wallet.   ||   3.  I love trying new products and I've heard amazing things about this moisturizer but there's no way I'm paying $140 for 1 oz!   ||   4. A ticket to Paris, need I say more?   ||   5.  Chanel Classic Medium Medallion tote aka my DREAM bag.   ||   6. Of course I'd have at least two bags on this list - the Louis Vuitton Trevi PM   ||   7. I love these earrings and bracelet from Tiffany's.   ||   8. Christian Louboutins..  what a beautiful pair of shoes

Sigh.. anybody else feel like shopping right now? ;) 

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