Memorial Day Weekend

(1) Rainy days before the start of this very warm weekend. (2) Decided to go to the Madison Square Eats food festival by my office. Got "The Speckenwolf from Roberta's Pizza.

(3) Impromptu dinner & gelato with Tida. (4) Breakfast plus mani & pedi morning with Mary Ann.

(5) Benaiah testing the strength of my brand new book shelves. (6) The final product, which I haven't been able to stop admiring.

(7) French vanilla coffee from breakfast with my cousins, John & Jay. Unfortunately, it didn't taste as good as it looks. (8) All ready for an afternoon of blogging, designing and watching old Dawson's Creek episodes.

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  1. you dyed my hair! buuut.. it still looks the same... haha... oh well... maybe my hair just isn't made to be dyed.


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