Latest Read: The Lonely Hearts Club

Here are the basics ...
BookThe Lonely Hearts Club
Author: Elizabeth Eulberg
Category: Young Adult - Contemporary

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Estelle for recommending this book! 

My thoughts...
Summary: After a betrayal by the boy she thought she loved, Penny Lane Bloom (who inherited her parents’ love of the Beatles) swears off guys and quietly starts the Lonely Hearts Club. To her surprise, her girlfriends are also sick of high-school guys and want to join.  The club becomes an influential social force but conflict arises when the school fears the group is getting too powerful and “making the boys feel bad”.   Soon, Penny finds herself torn between her no-boy pledge and growing feelings for one of the nicest guys she knows—who happens to be her best friend's ex-boyfriend.  (Adapted from

The good: I loved the premise and entire sentiment behind this book.  Contrary to the summary, it isn't anti-guys or even anti-dating. It's more like: anti letting yourself get treated like crap by a guy and losing your identity because of said relationship.  It promotes genuine female friendships (loved her two besties!), pursuing interests and goals (whether they're academic, athletic or otherwise), standing up for yourself and knowing you deserve more.  I think that's a great message to read now as an adult and even more so for teenagers (they are the intended audience after all haha).  The author also did an amazing job of creating characters that felt real to me.  Like I could've gone to high school with them.  Penny was a mix of all the strength/feistiness I love to see in protagonists but at the same time, a regular teenager who's still figuring stuff out.  And lastly.. can I just say how much I loved all the Beatles references? :)

The bad:  I have two super minor things to mention.  One - one of the characters says "what to the evs".  Just say whatever, ok? I know they're teenagers but that bugged me.  Two - one of the guys grabs/twists Penny's wrist hard enough to leave bruises and I felt that was slightly glossed over. In the end, Penny stood up to him (so yay!) but I have no tolerance for that sort of thing.

Do I recommend?: Yes! It was a quick, fun read with a great message for teenagers (and adults!).

Given the many Beatles references, there was no way I could review this book and NOT post one of my favorite songs.  Enjoy and happy reading!


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