happy birthday loren!

My Saturday night was exactly the kind of night that I've been needing lately! 

- Being with two of my best friends.
- Getting all dressed up (it's nice to get out of my flats and into some heels).
- Celebrating Loren's birthday at Solar do Minho.
- Conversation & laughter that makes 3 hours fly by.
- Amazing food (octopus, steak, shrimp, dulce de leche!)
- Me almost burning our table down.  In my defense, the candle was too close to the bread and I didn't notice! Luckily Carina saved us.  (You can imagine the giggles that ensued afterwards.)
- Funny waiters (one guy asked me if I spoke Spanish and Chinese, what the heck).
- Blasting songs in the car that we're a little embarrassed to admit we like.
- Taking pictures of Loren while she holds a panda umbrella (yes, really).

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my friends? I think I could use a night like this at least once a week, every week.  


  1. it was truly a fun night. i wouldn't mind making it a weekly thing ;)

  2. it was a really fun night! especially the candle :P i wouldn't mind if it was a weekly occurrence either! :)


with love,