Busy, Busy, Busy

My two younger cousins, John & Jason, have been jamming and making music ever since my uncle taught them how to play the guitar / bass as kids.  But these last few months, they've been working really hard to write songs, practice and take their basement jam sessions to the next level (Jay even taught himself how to play the drums since they couldn't find a drummer!).  On Saturday they played their first gig at The Clash Bar in Clifton and the response was great! Everyone was having a good time and had nothing but praise for them.  I was so proud.

They're called Disposable and it consists of John (guitar/vocals), Jason (drums) and their friend Mo (bass).  Here's a video that I took (it's my favorite song of theirs!).  Hope you enjoy!

PS.  I love the 8mm app.

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with love,