Over the weekend..

Last week was a pretty blah week.  Nothing bad or stressful happened though.  It was all just very routine, except with longer work hours and no plans for the weekend so I was a little feeling down on Friday.  Then it turns out.. not having anything planned was exactly what I needed.

I made impromptu plans with Carina for breakfast at IHOP.  When I wanted to get a manicure, I asked my mom on a whim to come with me (shocking, I know).  My older cousin asked our younger cousin and I to get dinner and we found ourselves at Country Pancake House in Ridgewood (biggest pancakes EVER).  Then yesterday I spent the afternoon with Mary Ann doing what we do best - shopping!  And I also got to catch up on Once Upon a Time and read a really great book in between all that activity.

All in all - it was the perfect weekend :)


with love,