kind of a perfect Saturday

I had been looking forward to the yesterday all week (granted, I am forever looking forward to the weekend but that's besides the point).  Ate Jannique and I went to get massages in the morning (which my back has been needing) and then got lunch at So Kong Dong in Fort Lee.  I swear, I think we ate enough food for 3 people and we are two petite girls so trust me when I say the food is good.  Then afterwards, we went to pick up Jay so I could dye his hair blue.  It was a FIVE hour process.  2.5 hours for bleach, 1 hour for toner and then 1.5 hours for dye (includes applying said products and washing hair).  But it was worth the time because it turned out great! I have to admit, I did good.  More family members came over. Then we all just kept hanging out, watching movies and even made a late night run to White Castle.  It was a really fun day.. and yeah, kind of perfect.  

seafood & beef soft tofu delicious-ness
from So Kong Dong in Fort Lee

Korean BBQ 

with John & Jay


with love,