Life lately, according to my iPhone

I decided to reward myself with a four day weekend and it's been a whirlwind of activity...

Watched Like Crazy (well-done but kind of sad) & Leone's Italian Restaurant with Carina.  Woodbury Outlets with the cousins - I finished all my Christmas shopping done! (And I may have walked out with a bag or two for me.)

Hanging out with my god-daughter Mariel and nephew Benaiah.  Annual Holiday Open
House with the girlies - my favorite part is singing the Christmas carols. 

Saigon Market, my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, with Tida and
we also checked out the holiday markets.


  1. love the pics and I had a great time watching the movie, getting lunch and catching up!

  2. @reena - So did I! We need to plan our next movie date!


with love,