30 day photo challenge: days 22-27

Day 22: Clothing

It might not seem like much, just hanging on my door, but I love this dress.

Day 23: In Your Closet
A tiny peek into my closet (yes, I know there's a lot in there.) 

Day 24: Gratitude
Sitting around the table, being with my family,
seeing all the food - can't help but feel grateful and loved.

Day 25: Artwork
I got this from Urban Outfitters a couple years and
it's been hanging up in my room ever since.

Day 26: Transportation
My car! I love my Honda Fit.  Everyone who sees me
driving it says it's such a "Rachel car."

Day 27: Daily Routine
Every morning I.. prop the mirror against my desk,
sit on that pillow, do my makeup and blow dry my hair.

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with love,