Latest Read: Where She Went

Here are the basics ...
Books: Where She Went
Author: Gayle Forman

Category: Young Adult

My thoughts ...
One sentence summary: Mia, a talented cellist, and Adam, a rock star and celebrity, cross paths in New York for the first time in three years and spend an entire night together revisiting their past. 

The good: 
I literally just finished the book and when I looked up the Amazon link to use for this entry, I realized that this book is a sequel! I had no idea.  Honestly, as soon as I started reading, I was immersed in their story.  It's a simple one but that's what I like about it.  These two lost souls who loved each other once and couldn't let that love go, even when it seemed like they'd never see each other again.  Most people just hope for closure when a relationship ends; but second chances can be rare. I loved the idea of them walking around New York (and naming places I know very well) and talking all night - I could just picture it in my head.  Plus it was all very Before Sunset-esque which added to the appeal.  

The bad: 
Nothing bad per se but I do wish I had known it was sequel before I started reading it.  It isn't necessary because they do talk about the past throughout the book - but I think knowing the weight of their history beforehand would've added more.. urgency and importance to this chance night together.  I also wanted to read more of their conversations together.  Like I know it doesn't take two seconds to get from Point A to Point B in the city, so what are they saying to each other to fill the silence? 

Do I recommend?:
Yes.  I really enjoyed it although, I recommend reading the first book, If I Stay, first. 

Happy reading!


  1. Seriously, we have the same taste in books! This is a set of books that I want to read for sure, and that sounds absolutely wonderful.

  2. So, I finished & I'm not sure which book I liked better! Both were great and the second was definitely a beautiful complement to the first. I'm glad I did read it in order (even though the author does a great job weaving the story from the first book into the second). I definitely teared at some points.. their relationship is just, simply.. kinetic. I wasn't exactly sure how the author would end the story.. I sort of resigned myself to one ending but I'm glad she ended it the way she did. Thanks again for the rec!


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