Latest Read: The Iron Knight

Here are the basics ...
Books: The Iron Knight 
Author: Julie Kagawa
Category: Young Adult - Fantasy

Note: This is the 4th book of the Iron Fey series (which I reviewed here).  If you haven't read the other books yet but want to, you might not want to read this review.  I'll try not to spoil too much! 

My thoughts ...
One sentence summary:  Ash, the last remaining prince of the Unseelie Court, is on a quest to find a way to be with Meghan in the Iron Realm.  

The good:
I loved the previous three books and it ended on an.. ambiguous note.  So I've been eagerly awaiting this book to find out what happened to them - Meghan, Ash and Puck.  It was different reading from Ash's point of view, especially when I was so used to Meghan's.  And even though I prefer her narrative - it was also a nice change to get inside Ash's head and hear HIS story.  His past is definitely touched upon throughout the series, but in this book the readers learn everything.  As the author herself has said, this book is for Team Ash (like me!). 

The bad
: It felt a little predictable at times and I knew what the outcome of the book would be from the beginning.  But, at the same time, it was the outcome I wanted so I can't really complain.  Still, my favorite part of this story has always been the relationship between Meghan and Ash and I was a little disappointed that we didn't get more scenes with them together.

Do I recommend?
: If you've read the series, then you'll want to read this book.  All your questions will be answered and even though I said the book was a little predictable at times, the author does throw in some unexpected twists. 

Happy reading!


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